Older People

When we talk about older people, we are mostly thinking about those aged over sixty. We provide a service, to isolated, older adults in the Somers Town and St Pancras area. Older people experience isolation for a range of different reasons, including health issues, a physical disability, dementia, mental health problems or simply because they live in a big city and their relatives are far away. To address this, we advocate on their behalf and we support their access to the community and its services.

Sandwich Club

Every Monday and Wednesday, we have a volunteer run sandwich club. This provides food for local older people, and a social setting which encourages participation in a supportive and enjoyable environment, promoting good health and wellbeing. We offer a warm welcome to people who would like to join to the sandwich club, or assist us in delivering and being involved in these activities.

Social Activities for Older People

We provide a range of activities and workshops for the older people in the community centre, such as Bingo, Yoga, Boccia (bowls), and an art group.

We also run atleast one holiday yearly for older adults, with past venues including the Isle of Wight, Somerset, Wales and Chichester. These holidays mean that older people get a break and they help them to form supportive relationships with each other.  

We also have links with other organisations that have visited the community centre, and provided information, and support to older adults around a variety of issues. These include NHS Health Checks, Hear to Help clinics (monthly) and sessions led by Diabetes UK and Camden Community Connectors (C4).

Older Adults as Volunteers

We encourage and support older adults in volunteering and many volunteer within St Pancras Community Association’s team. Some have joined the board of trustees, volunteered to run the sandwich club, befriended other older adults or helped with the administration team. We provide these volunteers with regular support and access to training.

We also have regular meetings where members can express their views and concerns and are consulted and updated on changes that affect the project.

If you require anymore information or are interested in any of the activities we provide please contact us on 0207 380 1501 or email us at info@spca.org.uk