Our spaces

If you’re looking for space to host a special event please get in touch to discuss prices. We can negotiate prices for one-off requirements eg film productions, conferences, away days, when several rooms are booked simultaneously.

You can hire rooms in the community centre and you can often hire outdoor space on Friday nights or at weekends.

Rates are often lower for community based projects and lower still for community based organisations that have little or no funding.

Main hall
Meeting rooms


Our building is wheelchair accessible, with a wheelchair accessible toilet on both the ground and 1st floor.

There is a lift for access to the 1st floor.

We have caretakers present during non-office hours. Staff are present at reception during office hours (9am-5pm). 

The building opens at 9am and closes after the last booking, but no later than 11pm.

A closer look…

The Snug

Carpets, cushions and ten deep armchairs gives this room a soft feel that’s great for relaxed discussions. Approx 30 people.

This is a multi-purpose room that can be used for meetings, training sessions, games and drama workshops.

9 x 8 metres
Air conditioning
Refreshments available

Main hall

Spacious hall/dance space with optional seating and tables, sprung wooden floor and reversible mirrors if requested. Approx 60 people.

This room can be set up as a dance studio, exercise room, conference hall or a party venue.

9 x 10 metres
Can be set up in theatre and boardroom styles
Air conditioning
Refreshments available

Meeting rooms

These two adjoining rooms can be used individually or as a pair simply by adjusting the removable partition between them.

These rooms normally both come equipped with 4-5 tables, 10-12 chairs and a flipchart stand, but can be set up in many other ways. 8 People in each room, 16 when joined.

5 x 4 metres
Refreshments available
Air conditioning

Small hall

Usually fitted out for small children but can be adapted for adults’ use. Comes complete with a fitted sink, small kitchen, its own children’s toilets and optional access to a small outdoor space. Great for children’s parties. Holds approx. 30 people.

8 x 8 metres
Refreshments available


A space on the ground floor with a catering kitchen. Light and bright with floor to ceiling windows looking out onto Plender Street.

It has seating for 30 people and could be added to the main hall for extra cost. Could be used for parties along with the main hall or on its own.

Café 8 x 5 metres
Kitchen 5 x 3 metres
Catering kitchen

Sports pitches

We have 4 hard surface courts/pitches that can be used for a variety of outdoor activities including tennis, football and netball. Floodlights and changing rooms available.


A lovely outdoor space that can sometimes be hired out along with the small hall.

Special offers

From April 1st to June 30th any registered charity can apply for the discount rate, even if they are a large charity.

Booking request

Please note that a booking request is not a confirmed booking. When we receive your request we will get in touch to discuss availability and rates.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

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